Monday, September 22, 2008

Lacey's Baptism

Well Lacey has finally been baptized! We haven't been the most active so we told her she would have to go for a year before we would let her. We didn't want her doing it just because all her friends and cousins are. Anyway here she is with my dad who baptized her.

Here she is with the missionaries that taught her, Elder Johnson and Elder Tilman.

And here is the family that came. We loved having them here and had a great time even though it was only for a day. We actually had a lot of people for the baptism. It was a good turn-out. Then she was confirmed on Sunday during Sacrament and she was sooooo embarrassed because there was way more people at Sacrament and the Bishop had her bear her testimony. I think she may have been on fire she ran back to the bench so fast afterwards.
Here she is with the flowers she got from Grammy and Grampy on Friday because they couldn't be here. She loved them.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trail Riding

We went on a "short" trail ride today. Jerame said it was but it took us about 3 or 4 hours to complete. We saw some pretty sights though and had fun and got dirty (as you can see on Aly after the ride).

The picture above shows the trail Lacey decided she couldn't quite do. If you click on the picture you will probably see Lacey's quad where she left it, Jerame taking Lacey down a little further on, and my brother Ronnie at the bottom waiting. The picture doesn't do it justice though because it was scary and steep! Her quad started going sideways and that's when she ditched it!!!

Here is the only way I got pics of Emma because she was riding with me!

Here is me, the girls, and my brother Ronnie at the top! You can see a lot of Pocatello behind us.

Here is Lacey not scared. The fall colors were beautiful I just don't like what they mean......winter is coming.......and cold!!!!!

Here are Lacey, Jerame, Aly (sleeping for about half the trip)!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lacey on two wheels?

Well Lacey has crossed over from 4 wheels to two wheels. Aaaahhhh! She decided to try riding our 80 dirt bike today and did very well. This is the same one my brother Ronnie learned on.