Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Cheer

On Christmas Eve the girls got to open one present each. Since the only ones under the tree were from my mom, they each opened one from her. Alyson is trying to take Lacey's away but eventually moves back to hers and is very happy with waht she got.
Alyson ended up with a new baby doll that night, Lacey a new Cabbage Patch with color changing hair (that she has slept with every night since), and Emma got some new Disney princess shoes. It was take two for Lacey who also turned 9 on Christmas Eve so she had opened her birthday presents that morning. She got a karaoke machine from my mom and we had a blast playing with it almost all day. Jerame and I took over at one point and Lacey ended up leaving the room after having to listen to us for about 45 minutes. Then we decided it was hers and gave her another turn.

Then here is the Christmas tree after Santa made his visit that night. I don't know if they got enough!

Alyson caught on real quick and tore into the presents. Every piece of wrapping paper she tore off she had to hand to someone before tearing off the next.

Emma had no trouble since she had been asking to open presents since we put the ones from my mom under the tree right after Thanksgiving. She loved her new vacuum that really sucks. Not well enough I am sad to report. I guess I didn't get rid of a chore after all.

Then our smart little Lacey! She found a nice comfy spot on the couch and just piled her presents next to her as she opened them. She didn't want her presents mixed up with her sisters. Then the ones that were most important went right up to her room so they wouldn't play with them!

And the mess at the end!!!!!!! WOW!

Now for an update on our business venture. We finally are signing at the title company on the 2nd of January! It has been a pain and I would highly NOT recommend it!! HAHAHA! Anyway we will officially be business owners on the 2nd so wish us luck. I am freaking out but Jerame seems to be excited. I guess it has always been my job to freak out!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It started out nice enough. Lacey wanted to build a snowman so we all were inside, where it was warm, watching her! Then Jerame and Emma decided to help, I'm sure out of guilt for Jerame.

Wow! Emma has made the biggest ball! Jerame is soooooo far behind!

And the finished product! Apparently when this was done, they decided they need to make each family member. So I will keep you all updated on the Snow Teel family. As you can see this one has to be Snow Dad since it is as tall as him. I have never seen a snowman this big. Next to follow will be Snow Mom, Snow Lacey, Snow Emma, and Snow Alyson. We will see how creative my little family can be or if it will ever get done!!!!

Christmas Play

So Lacey had her turn today. She had a Christmas play today in her classroom. They invited several other classes to come watch so they actually did it quite a few times. Each play just had 3 kids in it so it was a different group for each class that came and watched. Lacey's group did it twice today so Emma, Aly and I went to watch. Lacey was Mrs. Claus and did a fabulous job! The play was about how Mrs. Claus and two elves decided to surprise Santa when he got home from delivering all the presents with his own special meal and Christmas morning. Who deserves it more right? But as they finished all the preparations and Santa arrived they hid, only to find out he went straight to bed. This we know because of the snoring that starts when Mrs. Claus goes to find him. After the play, Lacey's whole class sings a few Christmas carols with the visitors. Emma loved this part because the song she danced to the other night, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, was one of them and I think she sang the loudest! She was upset when we left though because we didn't take Lacey. Lacey did GREAT though and I can see why she wants to get into a drama program because I think she may have a knack for it.

Then there is my girls getting ready to go play in the snow. We actually got quite a bit of snow today. Apparently in town it rained but up here on our hill it snowed. Thank you Traci for the snow suit for Aly. The other two had one but I couldn't find one in Aly's size so thank goodness Traci had one. Alyson loves the snow. They were going out so Lacey could try a little snow boarding. I think they all look great all bundled up.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Recital

Ok so Emma just had her FIRST dance recital. She danced to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The biggest problem was getting the antlers to stay on. During dress rehearsal they just kept falling off and she just did what she was supposed to do and kept dancing. But I think she was a little miffed! I know shocking for Emma who has her mother's temper. Yes I admit it! So at the recital I put bobby pins in to hold them on. They stayed for about the first 3 quarters of the dance but then they fell off and I think she may have wanted to stomp on them. But she didn't she just kept dancing. Then the little girl next to her had bigger issues because her antlers fell right in front of her eyes, then got tangled on her costume somehow and kept hitting her in the face as she danced. It was quite amusing. I am going to try to figure out how to download video on here so you can all get the chuckle I got at the expense of someone else's child! Beware, I had Aly on my lap while taping so it is not so great and I say "damn-it" once because she keeps moving. I have issues letting Jerame tape because he won't zoom and doesn't do it the way I want and Aly wouldn't sit on his lap. OK yes I am a control freak.

Now for some more funny business here is a picture of Aly on the potty! She has decided to train herself. I am NOT ready. She is only 20 months old and I thought I had a while until I had to worry about taking her to the store and having to leave everything to run her to the bathroom. Call me lazy but I just finished potty-training about 9 months ago and I want a break. I don't want all the accidents and having to take 0 outfits whenever I go anywhere just in case. But she has decided she wants panties and no more diapers. Traci said I was crazy and that most parents are excited to get rid of diapers. Well Aly actually went all day today (until the recital when I made her where a diaper) without an accident. She will even tell me when she is in a diaper sometimes that she needs to go potty! Well I guess my break is over.

Now an update on our business. We finally got approval and we will be opening in January. Now the stress of the whole thing is setting in. Aaaaahhhhhhh! Wish us luck and I will try to get Emma's video on here.

Christmas Card

OK so here is our Christmas card picture for this year. It was a pain. I wanted the lights to glow so I did the twilight setting on my camera and turned off the lights. The problem is that I'd set the timer and run into the picture and I would end up transparent. So after many trials, Jerame holding a pillow where I was going to be, and about an hour we finally got one that I only have a couple lights on my face and I called it good. The girls were actually troopers because they love being in there pretty dresses. I was just glad that the one I finally got that I didn't look like a ghost, all the girls were looking at the camera AND smiling! I think we will do something different next year. Not that it's ever really going to be easier because last year Emma peed her pants right as I was setting the timer and we were outside and quite a way from home. So she was in pee pants until I got the one I wanted. So I guess there will just always have to be a new story every year.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Well we decided to show you sledding Teel style! Forget dragging the sled back up the hill just hook it to the back of a quad. I know it surprises all of you that this is how Jerame would have his children sled! Lacey was pulling Alyson and Emma around separately on foot at first and then Jerame came up with this brilliant idea. Alyson loves the snow more than the other two. If we go anywhere and there is snow to walk in she is doing it. Emma likes it ok as long as everything she has on is waterproof. Lacey is a good sport but doesn't like cold fingers. She does want to get better at snowboarding this year so that is one of our winter plans.
Now we are also needing firewood to keep heating costs down. We have found out that the fireplace in our house is awesome and heats pretty much the whole house except the basement. Which is unfortunate for our guests since that is where our guest room is. It still doesn't get too bad down there though. So Jerame has gotten himself an ax and I had to add a picture of what he was doing while the girls were sledding. Quite a woodsman!
And there is our view! It's quite pretty with snow on the hills. It will be even prettier when the snow completely covers the hills. But here is the
view from our back deck. You can see some more sledding down in the horse arena in this picture.