Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Well since it was windy on Saturday we decided to buy kites. Of course once you do that the wind dies considerably! Not that that is really bad I just wish I had thought of buying kites earlier! That way maybe we wouldn't have had to sit through two bitterly (due to the wind) cold soccer games that day!

Anyway, on the way home, Aly fell asleep so she has yet to fly a kite because again's snowing!!!!!!!! There is plenty of wind to go along with it but I am sure not taking them out to fly kites.

As you can see they still got them up during gusts of wind.We luckily have the perfect yard for flying kites. Emma's kite, at the top, is a fish, Lacey's is a turtle, and Aly's (not pictured) is a ladybug. The girls had fun even though it was a bit chilly.

Now see the below picture. That is today! I am considering divorce for my husband bringing me here. I think nothing will ever be green until it gets warmer. It is very pretty when my lawn turns green. Yes there is lawn.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Emma's first soccer practice

Well Emma had her very first soccer practice today. She felt like such a big girl. She had her own "soccer shoes", shin guards, and soccer socks. She did great but you would think that with how much soccer she has been around because of Lacey she would know not to pick up the ball. But every time that the ball went the wrong way she still would pick it up to put it back where she wanted! She had a blast though even though our fingers were about to fall off because it was soooooooo cold again! Lacey's first practice for the season was on Monday and of course she di great even though it was sprinkling. Shocking that it wasn't snowing I know but the weather made up for that last night by leaving another light coating in our yard. I am very ready for this six month winter to stop!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Well the girls got a new toy today. We got a new puppy and Emma named him Tramp (after the Disney movie for those of you with minds like my husband). He is a yellow lab and has beautiful blue eyes. They love him! Well except for Aly who screams every time he sniffs her.

She loves him to death but he can't get too close or she freaks.

Emma loves him like crazy.

And Lacey can't get enough. Ruby, our other dog seems to like him too. WIN WIN!


Well Easter brought a big crowd for the Teel family. My parents, both brothers, and both sisters as well as all their kids came to Pocatello. I have five bedrooms so everyone but poor Ronnie had a space for all their things. Ronnie does have less stuff since he is single and has no kids yet. Anyway it was wonderful to have everyone together since it has been a long time since we all have been. It was loud but what do you expect when there are 13 kids and 11 adults all in one house? The kids had a great time and so did the adults. And something crazy for my family happened....not one blow-up!!! It was great.

Above is my parents with all the grandkids (except Jake and Michelle who couldn't make it.)

Here are all the grandkids.

Here are my beauties.
And the egg hunt with that many kids is crazy but they still all had fun. Here is Aly and she actually has a clue what to do this year.

Last but not least above is Emma and below is Lacey. At least I have a big enough yard for all the kids.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Helping Dad

Lacey, Emma, and Aly are painters now. Lacey and Emma helped Jerame paint their helmets yesterday. Unfortunately I wasn't there to take pictures so I got a couple today of Emma and Aly (although Aly didn't really paint but thought she was!)! I'll post finished pictures when all the paper and tape is off.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Aly sized car

Aly thinks this is her car. I'm sure you can tell why. She would fit perfect! She was so excited when it came in but she is mad we won't let her play in it!

Emma of course was mad she wasn't in the picture so here is my little center of attention. Actually I think she may fit better anyway!

And Lacey is castless! She got her cast off two days ago. She was still writing with her left hand for a while but I think she has finally adapted back to her right hand!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Emma has learned to write her name. We had practiced a couple times on the chalk board in "her" office but not too much yet. Today when we were at the shop she got out a paper and said, "Look mom I wrote my name!" Thinking it would be just scribbles I looked over and sure enough she had written her name all by herself! I believe the exact words out of my mouth were, "Holy crap you did!" It needs a little work but it was quite a shock because we had litterally practiced it only about 4 times before Aly started erasing as we wrote. Yeah Emma!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Riding

Well here are my angels in their riding gear. Aly has Emma's hand-me-down pants, Emma has Lacey's hand-me-down pants, and Lacey of course has nobody's hand-me-downs. As you can see that they are all excited that the snow is melting a little bit so they can go ride again. Although Aly peed in her riding pants about 30 seconds after this picture was taken!!!

Here's Lacey. As you can see the cast hasn't stopped her. She even has had to write with her left hand at school and has still gotten O's in penmanship!

Emma kept getting stuck in the mud because she doesn't quite have enough power to get through it. Aly is not scared I just must have gotten a picture as she was rubbing her eyes. She is the only one that will sit and watch racing with Jerame on t.v. Plus he took her to the motorcycle shop yesterday and she was mad when he took her off the bikes to leave.

Here they all are. As you can see Emma could do it on her own accept when she got stuck. And as you can see there are some spots without snow!!!!!!!!!! Maybe spring is coming?!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun at the shop[

So as you can see Lacey loves it at the shop! Here she is (in both pictures) showing how happy she is sitting the back office or "Emma's office" as it has become known as. Plus she is a little tired from spending the night at a friend's house last night.

Then Jerame and I could hear Emma and Aly but couldn't find them. After a bit of detective work (looking around the shop) we found them hiding under some shelves behind bars which is where they belong at the shop. It may keep them out of trouble. The pictures of Aly are classic for the end of the day for us; dirty and messy hair because she always pulls out her cute hair pretties.

So to sum it up they have a great time and get very very filthy!