Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alyson's new coat - for Mom

This post is for my mom. Alyson would never wear a heavy coat because it causes restrictions. Can't move your arms as easy, car seat is tighter (even when we loosen it), just altogether uncomfortable. Well my mom decided that maybe a NEW coat would make her wear a coat. So here it is. Alyson loved the furry hood and was so excited when it came in the mail last night. She actually put it on and wore it today!!!! We had the usual whining in the car while she squirmed to get comfortable so instead of yelling at her and making her hate this coat too I just ried to fix whatever was bothering her. Anyway, for today at least, I have her in a heavy coat thanks to Grandma.


What happens when you turn off your satelite? Kids fight more? Everyone is bored? Not at our house. Lacey has been reading books to the girls a ton lately. They all go downstairs to the playroom and pick about 3-4 books each. Then Lacey sits and reads them all to them. Plus they are forced to come up with things to do and they are dancing and playing in their rooms more. Actually there has been less fighting believe it or not. Plus I can watch my shows online at the shop when nobody's looking and everyone is happy!!!

Aly' hair

Her is what I did to Aly's hair a couple weeks ago for church. SOrry I keep forgetting to bring my camera to the shop because I turned off my internet at home. I know, nobody thought anything could be done to her hair, but she asked for her hair to be curled. It was a success and actually lasted all through church. LOTS OF HAIRSPRAY!!!

I just wanted a picture of the back but after I got it Aly wanted more taken and had to pose.