Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well we went back to the doctor today and because it was still sore he put a cast on. Lacey could choose pink (way too girly), blue, or green. Obviously she picked green and is very excited to have her friends sign it tomorrow at school. She only has to have it one for 2 weeks and one day (three weeks from when she broke it).

Monday, February 25, 2008


OK so big news in this house is that I can put anything at all in Aly's hair. She is almost two but it still won't grow! I have done the little alfalfa ponytail on the top of the head for her but that is about all. But the poor little girl just wants to get her hair done with her sisters. So today I ventured out and we tried pigtails!!! There's not much their but I did it. As soon as they were in Emma said, "Aly has pigtails like a girl!" I explained to Emma that despite the lack of hair Aly is a girl.

Here they both are with cheesy grins. Like I have said before Emma has to be part of every picture. Now honestly I don't know how long the pigtails will stay in on either of them but we try every day.

Here's a better one of Emma with a better smile. She still has her big eyes.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


So what do your kids do when you have no medical insurance? Break bones of course! Miss Lacey decided to do a flip on the "high bar" at school and fell off fracturing her right wrist in THREE places!!!! She was using it ok on Wednesday when it happened so we waited until Thursday to take her to the doctor. She was having trouble zipping her coat and pressing the drinking fountain button with her thumb so we decided to get it checked out for piece of mind. They are very small fractures so the doctor decided to just put on a splint for now and re-evaluate her on Tuesday to see if he thinks she needs a cast. It of course had to be her right hand so she is having trouble writing, eating, and pretty much everything else since the doctor said it can only come off for showers! Emma of course needed to be in the picture because cameras can rarely be present without her around!

So an update of injuries since we have not had insurance, which has been less than two months. Alyson has chipped her front teeth (no medical or dental attention necessary thank goodness), given herself a black eye on the stairs, and scratched her face up due to a falling on a screw (a little too close to her eye for me). None of Aly's required any medical attention thank goodness but were close! Emma shockingly has done nothing! And Lacey has the fracture which still has cost less than medical insurance for the month would have. My children have been without medical insurance for a total of three months in their entire lives. Last time (when we made the move to Pocatello) Emma dislocated her elbow and broke her toe!!! My kids generally only go to the doctor for well child visits and shots and maybe an ear infection or two in their lives. When we have no insurance they decide to break things!!!! It's like they can sense it.