Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sun, green grass, and sprinklers

So Pocatello is finally getting some decent weather! The girls have been able to break out swimsuits and run through the sprinklers! Alyson wouldn't even get close to the sprinklers last year but is now right in the middle! Our grass is finally greening up (dandelions being our biggest enemy). It was a great day, although these pics were taken over a week ago. Sorry I have been slacking!

Aly being a ham!


My girls and our neighbor girls. Who said you outgrow wading pools?

Lacey Kay.

Jerame and Aly. Yes he knows how to ride something without a motor!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

So for Mother's Day, Emma's preschool had a party. Her teacher had talked to the dad's early to put together this fun gift. They made casts of their hands. Now I want to get one of each of the girls done. Anyway, at the party, they gave us our gifts, recited a poem, sang us a song, and told us why they love us (Emma loves me because I'm pretty. That's what she told me anyway!). It was so much fun.

Also, if my next few posts don't make a whole lot of sense it is because I am doing them at 2:15 am because I am working graveyards again. Sorry in advance if they are a little weird!
We got these been bags to make the shop more comfortable. With me working, the kids are at the shop a lot more. But they still have not made it to the shop. Eventually! snow!

It's starting to get a little better outside. Even if it's a bit chilly the girls are going outside. We have had enough of the house for one year. But we have had some sunny weather and so of course are taking advantage of it.

Here are the girls swinging.

Alyson got this table for her birthday and the girls love it. They wanted to eat on the deck the other day so I put it out there. It lasted about 5 minutes and then they were inside finishing lunch. It was a little too windy for them.

And here is the new addition to the backyard. They have been wanting one for a while and we decided to spend a little tax return money to get something fun!

'K I know its been a while......

So since my last post we have had a few events. We have had car a show. Above is the truck Jerame restored last year. It won 2nd place in CHrime in the Dome this year and of course we have our beautiful Teel Collision models wearing their Teel Collision t-shirts.

We have had 2 birthdays. Emma turned 5 on April 21st and Aly turned 3 on April 2nd. So of course I did the joint party to save money. They don't know yet right? Wrong they both complained. Aly actually said she was 18 when we would say she was turning 3. Sorry Al not ready for that!

And of course Easter. In Pocatello it is not a shorts thing when you hunt eggs. Above is Lacey under the deck retrieving eggs.

Oh and Aly found some too. Didn't take her long to figure out what to do!

And here's Emma's stash!