Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

We made gingerbread house tonight. Here are the finished products. Above is the one Ronnie and I made. Below is the one Jerame, Lacey, and Emma made. Alyson switched from mine and Ronnie's to Jerame and her sisters about halfway through.

Emma made the cool little "Sprite Snowman" in the yard above. I'm not sure what it is but it has a lot of toothpicks poking out of it and it scares me a little.

Jerame got Lacey and made her a little messy. Don't worry she is laughing not crying.

Boy was it a messy project!!!!!!


So finally it is snowing. Everyone knows what that can do for our business. Enough said!

Lacey's Play

Lacey was in a play on friday and saturday night called Holiday Magic. She was a wiseman and the prettiest one I have ever seen. She had a few speaking parts, was part of the chorus, and even had a solo singing part. She did awesome and it was a really cute play.

Decorating the tree

Here are some pictures of decorating the tree. My crazy girls above.

And my husband putting the tree up.