Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seusical the Musical

So Lacey was in her first big play! She was Sour Kangaroo from Horton Hears a Who. She did awesome. She even had some solo singing parts.

Here she is leading the jungle animals against Horton.

The Cat in the Hat and JoJo the Who. (JoJo was awesome and had an amazing voice. I think he and Lacey should be married!)

Here is a lot of the cast. It was a great play!

Aly riding


My baby has decided to ride a quad. Here is a video!

Emma's graduation

Well Emma has graduated from preschool. Again this was a few weeks ago! Anyway Jerame and the other two girls were already in Sacramento but I was there and video taped it for them. Above is Emma with her diploma.

Here's me and my girl!

Emma getting her diploma.

Her infamous Opera "O" moment!

The big girl!

Sacramento trip

Well we had a trip to Sacramento a couple weeks ago and I am finally posting pics. Sorry it took so long. Anyway as you see above we saw cousins. Lynnie and Emma jumping. I couldn't get a pic where one of them wasn't blurry!

We had pillow fights in hotel rooms with good friends that we miss tons, the Szuhs. Yes Emma is about to throw her show but don't worry I stopped her before she did.

We saw grandparents.

More cousins, Jade and Chris getting ready to go on the waterslide that is now around the corner from where I used to live!

Emma and Ethan got along great!

Alyson and our friend Bailey making a splash on the waterslide.

Lacey, Makenna, and Kylie! Friends she and I both wish were closer.

We definitely saw a lot of friends. Most that Aly and Emma didn't remember which really broke my heart because I love them all so dearly! We miss you guys and love you guys! We had a great trip and Jerame won a third place trophy at hangtown!