Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Old Friends

Well we had some of our friends visit this week. Jerame has known Steve and Heather Reed since Jr. High. I have known them since we got married. Heather and I had our first kids six months apart making Zach and Lacey friends before they were born. You would have never known that Zach and Lacey have not lived close for years because they picked up like they see eachothe every day. It was great to see them and now that they have left we miss them already!
While they were here we went on a hike. Above is Lacey. She and Zach took off early on and totally ditched us.
Here is Aly while walking....which took her forever. But she was insistent that she walk at certain parts of the hike.

Here are Heather and I with all the kids. Can you believe that we used to be able to go to dinner in a 4 seater car? Those days are over now. And Emma on her "rest". She just all of the sudden said she needed a rest and plopped down. At least it was in a location with a view!

And Jerame and Steve and Aly. Then there is one where Jerame carried both girls on his shoulders. While that situation was short lived he did carry them up and down at the same time for most of the hike.

And the little angels that came from the 4 of us. Amazing how it started with just us four and now when we go to dinner there is NINE! That's why at Olive Garden they stuck us in the dark corner!

Friday, June 20, 2008



Okay here are the rules just write 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals,3 obsessions and 3 random facts. It sounded fun, so here are my answers.

3 joys
1. My kids laughing
2. Being around family, since we really never have had any that live close
3. snuggling

3 fears
1. losing my kids
2. losing my husband
3. losing our house.....this business we started scares me even though we have been able to scrape by so far

3 Goals
1. Get out of debt
2. Building the business
3. Paying off my parents for the down payment for the shop

3 Current Obsessions
1. Reading The Work and the Glory and looking up everything I read online
2. Trying to get on insurance preferred lists
3. Keeping up on my laundry

3 Random Facts
1. I love baby toes
2. I miss Sacramento and my friends there
3. I have decided to hate the snow!!!!!

3 People to Tag
1. I'm
2. Not
3. it if you want

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Just thought people may get a kick out of how Alyson drives. Thank goodness for the swing set or she would have gone down the hill and into the fence. I thought she may tip the swing set over though because we don't have it cemented in. It moved but didn't quite fall over.

Friday, June 13, 2008


So we finally got some nice weather here. Above is Aly and Emma playing on the swing set. Below is Aly who finally figured out how to make that truck move even though she really can't steer it. And yes, her sunglasses are up-side-down. And if you look close you can see Lacey's head behind the truck because she is ALWAYS hiding from the camera now.

Then here is a cute picture I took of the girls watching Dora or Diego or something. Ignore the mess on Aly's face. She is messy 90% of the time!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our kind of horses

Well we got the kind of horse that we can afford to feed. They don't even eat anything! The girls love them and as soon as we get a swing set we will put them there but for now they are hanging in the barn.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Emma's pretty little 4-wheel drive

Well Emma got a new car! She has been beggin for one and we weren't able to get her much for her birthday so finally we caved. Here she is giving Aly a ride for the first time! For some reason I couldn't upload the video which is making me mad but here is a picture anyway. Jerame's going to add pink flames to it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My productive day

Well I had a very productive day yesterday. Jerame was out of town working on a restoration that the shop is doing all day. So I decided to mow the lawn. Yes I mowed the lawn. He had done the front yard friday night so I just had to do the back yard. JUST! So I found out about 10 feet into my job that the lawn mower needed mor gas. So I packed up the kids, went to the gas station, got gas and a few snacks for the girls because I knew this project would take me a while, and came back home. I actually mowed the lawn. Then I came inside and cleaned the whole kitchen, family room, living room, and did about a million loads of laundry and folded and put them all away!!!!! Then I was making dinner when Jerame finally got home at about 7:30. I know late dinner but the girls were playing outside all day and now that Lacey is on summer vacation this is generally normal. We are outside so much and it's light so late that dinner is put off a little. So I just needed to pat myself on the back a little. Now I feel better.