Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well we had a very crazy Thanksgiving. Jerame's entire family came to visit u. We had 16 people but we all had ablast and there were NO fights!!!! Now you'll have to bear with me because I wanted to cover it all. I am about to share an entire photo album with everyone.

Of course with all the Teel's together there are quads and dirt bikes:

Emma getting some air!

Chris on the dirt bike. He and Chase learned!
There was some Dancing With the Stars:

These two were hilarious. Ethan kept dipping back and Emma kept sayong only she was supposed to:

A little wrestling:

Great relationships developed between cousins:

Fun with Grandpa:

Dirt dirt and more dirt:


And boy was it exhausting!:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Singin' in the Rain

Last sunday when we got home from church it was raining. The girls got out of the car with their umbrellas and decided they didn't want to go inside yet. And I decided even Sunday clothes are washable. So they played in the rain with the umbrellas like my sister, Traci, and I always did. We always loved when it rained and would always ask Mom for umbrellas to play with. There are so many things Emma and Aly do that remind me of Traci and myself. Another being singing into the handle of the vacuum cleaner. It is so funny because I never even taught them that but they just started doing it. I guess even imaginations are hereditary! Vacuum cleaner singing is the best by the way.


Sorry it's so late but here are the girls after trick-or-treating. I forgot to take pictures during our Halloween party and I forgot my camera during trick-or-treating. So these are the only picures I have for this year. Emma is Ariel, Alyson is Belle, and Lacey is a pirate and a little bit of a dork!