Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seusical the Musical

So Lacey was in her first big play! She was Sour Kangaroo from Horton Hears a Who. She did awesome. She even had some solo singing parts.

Here she is leading the jungle animals against Horton.

The Cat in the Hat and JoJo the Who. (JoJo was awesome and had an amazing voice. I think he and Lacey should be married!)

Here is a lot of the cast. It was a great play!

Aly riding


My baby has decided to ride a quad. Here is a video!

Emma's graduation

Well Emma has graduated from preschool. Again this was a few weeks ago! Anyway Jerame and the other two girls were already in Sacramento but I was there and video taped it for them. Above is Emma with her diploma.

Here's me and my girl!

Emma getting her diploma.

Her infamous Opera "O" moment!

The big girl!

Sacramento trip

Well we had a trip to Sacramento a couple weeks ago and I am finally posting pics. Sorry it took so long. Anyway as you see above we saw cousins. Lynnie and Emma jumping. I couldn't get a pic where one of them wasn't blurry!

We had pillow fights in hotel rooms with good friends that we miss tons, the Szuhs. Yes Emma is about to throw her show but don't worry I stopped her before she did.

We saw grandparents.

More cousins, Jade and Chris getting ready to go on the waterslide that is now around the corner from where I used to live!

Emma and Ethan got along great!

Alyson and our friend Bailey making a splash on the waterslide.

Lacey, Makenna, and Kylie! Friends she and I both wish were closer.

We definitely saw a lot of friends. Most that Aly and Emma didn't remember which really broke my heart because I love them all so dearly! We miss you guys and love you guys! We had a great trip and Jerame won a third place trophy at hangtown!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sun, green grass, and sprinklers

So Pocatello is finally getting some decent weather! The girls have been able to break out swimsuits and run through the sprinklers! Alyson wouldn't even get close to the sprinklers last year but is now right in the middle! Our grass is finally greening up (dandelions being our biggest enemy). It was a great day, although these pics were taken over a week ago. Sorry I have been slacking!

Aly being a ham!


My girls and our neighbor girls. Who said you outgrow wading pools?

Lacey Kay.

Jerame and Aly. Yes he knows how to ride something without a motor!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day

So for Mother's Day, Emma's preschool had a party. Her teacher had talked to the dad's early to put together this fun gift. They made casts of their hands. Now I want to get one of each of the girls done. Anyway, at the party, they gave us our gifts, recited a poem, sang us a song, and told us why they love us (Emma loves me because I'm pretty. That's what she told me anyway!). It was so much fun.

Also, if my next few posts don't make a whole lot of sense it is because I am doing them at 2:15 am because I am working graveyards again. Sorry in advance if they are a little weird!
We got these been bags to make the shop more comfortable. With me working, the kids are at the shop a lot more. But they still have not made it to the shop. Eventually! snow!

It's starting to get a little better outside. Even if it's a bit chilly the girls are going outside. We have had enough of the house for one year. But we have had some sunny weather and so of course are taking advantage of it.

Here are the girls swinging.

Alyson got this table for her birthday and the girls love it. They wanted to eat on the deck the other day so I put it out there. It lasted about 5 minutes and then they were inside finishing lunch. It was a little too windy for them.

And here is the new addition to the backyard. They have been wanting one for a while and we decided to spend a little tax return money to get something fun!

'K I know its been a while......

So since my last post we have had a few events. We have had car a show. Above is the truck Jerame restored last year. It won 2nd place in CHrime in the Dome this year and of course we have our beautiful Teel Collision models wearing their Teel Collision t-shirts.

We have had 2 birthdays. Emma turned 5 on April 21st and Aly turned 3 on April 2nd. So of course I did the joint party to save money. They don't know yet right? Wrong they both complained. Aly actually said she was 18 when we would say she was turning 3. Sorry Al not ready for that!

And of course Easter. In Pocatello it is not a shorts thing when you hunt eggs. Above is Lacey under the deck retrieving eggs.

Oh and Aly found some too. Didn't take her long to figure out what to do!

And here's Emma's stash!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monkey's jumping on the bed!

Just so everyone knows I was not home. I was picking Lacey and my neighbor up at achievement days when I got the call from my husband so it is his fault. Well not really, it was more Aly's fault. So little Miss Alyson decided to jump on her bed while Jerame was getting her pj's out of her drswer last night. He had just told her to stop jumping on the bed when she fell and hit her chin on the wood at the foot of the bed. Split her chin wide open! Funny thing was, there was barely any blood. Traci, my sister, said that sometimes the deepest cuts don't bleed. It looked really ugly thought so Jerame took her to the ER. He had to taker her because I was afraid that if they didn stitches I'd cry more than her and make things worse. Thank Heaven for being poor and having them on medicaid. Anyway he left with orders from me to avoid stitches if possible. So the doctor said they could do either a couple stitches or glue and butterfly bandaids. Jerame told him glue of course so above is how it looks now. Anyone that knows Aly knows that she enjoys both drama and sympathy so she is in Heaven with her sisters saying, "Oh poor Aly. Are you ok?" By the way the brown on her chin is actually the glue. There really isn't any bruising.

Here she is with her hospital bracelet that her "doctor friend" gave her. And now when I tell the story, because everyone at the hospital said it to her and my sister too, she yells out, "No more monkey's jumpin on the bed!"

Prayer Rugs

So the Teel family has just had our first Family Home Evening. A friend of mine when I was younger had done a project at church where they used carpet samples, stencils, and paint, and decorated rugs to use to kneel on to say prayers. Alyson and Emma are totally in to prayers (they giggle through an entire prayer every time they say one, we also have to have two prayers at dinner because they both want to say one) so I thought it would be a fun family home evening for the girls. Jerame brought home a plastic car cover so we didn't paint the carpet I don't want to paint! We invited out neighbors over (who brought a terrific spice cake) and all the girls went to town! They turned out great so now Emma and Aly (and Lacey but she is too old to show the enthusiasm) are all excited at night when we do our prayers. Here are some pictures of the works in proggress.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I will never deny that being at the shop makes my kids filthy!!! Apparently Jerame told them they could color the box with sidewalk chalk, which they did, but in the process got it (as well as oreo cookies) all over their faces! Thank goodness for baths. But at least they were having fun. I have always been a beleiver that kids have the most fun when they get dirty!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Go Lowes!!!

OK so I got a job at Lowes but Home Depot does a kids workshop the first Saturday of the month and it's free so we went. So here are the girls making their race tracks. They each get a kit to build it and they get an apron. Plus there is a cool little pin to add to your apron every month that shows what you made. It was a lot of fun. All the girls pounded in their own nails even Aly (who shocked me when I walked away once and came back to see that she had already punded the nail in that I had started for her). Just so you know, in the picture above she may have been picking her nose because that wouldn't have surprised me. I had a better picture of them working but Lacey didn't like herself in it so I promised not to post it. She was actually trying to get out of the picture above.

Here's Aly with her finished product. She pulled the starting gate before I could snap the picture.

Here's Emma's finished product. Here cars are still waiting at the gate! Jerame hellped Emma and Lacey a little. I helped Alyson.

Here's Lacey's finished product. She didn't want a picture but I made her so she is being a dork.

And here they are at the shop afterwards and the race is on. Lacey watched Aly because she knew she was going to cheat so she pulled her gate right as Aly did. Poor Emma is the only one that played fair and waited for "GO" form me! Bunch of cheaters!!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alyson's new coat - for Mom

This post is for my mom. Alyson would never wear a heavy coat because it causes restrictions. Can't move your arms as easy, car seat is tighter (even when we loosen it), just altogether uncomfortable. Well my mom decided that maybe a NEW coat would make her wear a coat. So here it is. Alyson loved the furry hood and was so excited when it came in the mail last night. She actually put it on and wore it today!!!! We had the usual whining in the car while she squirmed to get comfortable so instead of yelling at her and making her hate this coat too I just ried to fix whatever was bothering her. Anyway, for today at least, I have her in a heavy coat thanks to Grandma.


What happens when you turn off your satelite? Kids fight more? Everyone is bored? Not at our house. Lacey has been reading books to the girls a ton lately. They all go downstairs to the playroom and pick about 3-4 books each. Then Lacey sits and reads them all to them. Plus they are forced to come up with things to do and they are dancing and playing in their rooms more. Actually there has been less fighting believe it or not. Plus I can watch my shows online at the shop when nobody's looking and everyone is happy!!!