Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lacey Snowboarding

So for her birthday, we gave Lacey snowboarding lessons. She has been wanting to do them for a long time and even bought her own snowboard a couple years ago. The school had sent home a flyer about 4 two hours lessons on four Saturdays in January for only $109 total. Since she didn't have to rent equipment it seemed like a good deal. Any way she only has one lesson left and Jerame said she picked up pretty quick. It's kind of like a date for them every Saturday. Anyway, above she is on the lift. Don't know who she is with but she is the one on the far right.

Here are a few pics of her snowboarding. She has stopping down pretty good since the hill is pretty steep. She pretty much gets down with the stop skid! They actually take them up to the very top of the mountain this weekend. She has gone about 3/4 of the way up to the top so far. Most of the mountain is in the black diamond difficulty range which, I am told, is really steep. The bunny hill is the only blue circle level. Apparently everyone says if you can ski Pebble Creek you can ski anywhere.

Here she is again. I like that you can see the mountain behind her in this one.

Here she looks like she's really getting into it. Jerame said she really did catch on quick. She must have got that from Jerame because I did this once and it was really sucky!

Go Lacey Go! That guy behind you may run you over!

Friday, January 16, 2009


The neighbor girls came over and asked if Lacey and Emma wanted to go sledding with them. Of course they did and this is how they did it. They had 2 sleds hooked up behind their razor. Of course there were a few spills like above.

But for the most part there were smiles. Aly was sleeping when this took place so she missed it. But here is Lacey, Annalyse, Natalie, and Emma.

Here they are going up and down the street.

10? When did that happen?!!!!!!

Well it's official! I have a 10-year-old!! When did that happen? We ended up having a New Year's slumber party for Lacey's birthday party. Lacey had 4 friends over and of course her sisters were in the middle of it all. Above they are playing Twister. Below she is blowing out her 10 candles. I tried to trick her into being 7, 8, or even 9 for another year but she counted the candles and made sure there were 10. She wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen (best ice cream cakes) and the Christmas ones were half off so I made her choose one of those. She decided on Rudolph.

Christmas Day

I know it's a little late but here are some new pictures of Christmas. Lacey was up at 4:30 but don't worry I told her to go back to bed. I finally gave in at 10 to 7 which everyone knows is very generous of me. Above is Emma opening her barbie townhouse my mom got her.

Aly with her new doll house. She acted like an old pro opening presents. But she was disappointed to find out Santa just dropped the presents and left. She thought he'd be there when she woke up.

Lacey of course with her DS. Not sure if she likes it more than her dad and I. We ran the battery dead that day!!!

Christmas Eve

Wow lots of snow on Christmas Eve. Actually on Christmas Day we had blizzard warnings all day. We did get a lot more snow too. Above is Aly on a really COLD swing! But at least she was smart enough to grab goggles!

Here are Lacey and Emma by the fence. Lacey is actually waste deep in the snow. The wind blows the snow up to the fence so that it is actually even with the top of the hill that goes down to it. They ended up digging a tunnel from the top under the fence.

Here are all the girls all bundled up. It was COLD!

Christmas Eve night the girls got to open one gift. I decided since we were going to watch movies that a nice new blanket would be good so I let them open one of their gifts from Jerame's mom. She made them each one of these cute blankets so they got to cuddle up and watch A Christmas Story with them. They are so warm, thanks Grammy.